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Have great banter with Photo booth Belfast

Why you should have a photo booth at your wedding.
real sample image from Photobooth Belfast

What’s better for a wedding or event than a chance to let loose and be as mad as you want without feeling like everyone’s eyes are on you? Even if you don’t care about acting like a fool in front of everyone, it’s always nice to be mad and get photos of it. Let’s be honest, everyone loves to dress up. Let’s be even more honest, everyone loves to dress up and have great banter at any event!

Being around your family and friends, celebrating your loved one’s big day is amazing. There’s no better feeling! Seeing cousins you haven’t seen in years, dancing with your granny to Save The Last Dance, or stuffing your face with a three course meal before having a few drinks; weddings are always full of laughter and warmth. The same with formals! Everyone’s got their best gear on, looking stunning and ready to have the best night! So, what could make these already awesome days better? As I’ve already mentioned, the chance to dress up and act a bit (or a lot) mad with your family and have your photos taken at the same time!

My photo booth has everything you need to have the maximum amount of banter! With added class to make you look as good as you feel, my new vintage photo booth is perfect for capturing those silly moments with your friends and family. Mounted on a gorgeous wooden tripod with professional lighting on top, you’ll have professional quality photos of you wearing a horse mask! Who doesn’t want that?



You can even share your class photos to social media as soon as you’ve taken them. Because it’s an open booth, you don’t have to squeeze everyone in, and you can even move it during your event. We have several backdrops available, all shimmering luxe sequin vintage goodness that makes Gatsby’s parties look drab. If you’d rather have your venue as the backdrop, then that’s easily arranged. Or, you can design your own! My photo booth aims to be as accessible and customisable as possible, since I know that every event or wedding will be different.

Of course, like the traditional photo booth, you can get prints as soon as you finish your shoot. With me, you’ll also get a digital copy so you can post them on Facebook or Instagram later if you don’t share it at the time!

I love handing over the booth guestbook at the end of the night knowing just how much fun the couple will have every time they look through it. The hilarious photos of their loved ones will become more valuable over time especially if they’ve had Granny in the booth!

wedding booth guestbook

Photo booth guestbook

Personally, I love my photo booth. It’s amazing to see everyone cut loose and be as mad as they want, while laughing the entire time! It a lot of fun to watch everyone have fun with it, and it never fails to make me smile when I go through the gallery afterwards. To hear my clients say how much fun they had with it so cool as well!

Kevin and Clara said, “Our guests loved the photo booth at our wedding. It was one of the highlights of the day for sure. We loved how Chris was able to customise the photos to suit our needs and the standalone setup can fit in anywhere. Lots of happy memories were created and captured!”

If you’re interested in hiring my photo booth for your wedding go to my website for details!


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